About Us

APON EMART PUBLIC LIMITED-a public limited company is born with a core wishes to establish a “Social Business” focusing the community by providing real ownership of the business among the common people of the society in an easy way, sharing the loss and profit of the business amongst the shareholders as well as bringing participation of the shareholders into the management level to the bottom end. (read more)

We, APON EMART PUBLIC LIMITED wishes to build a greater digital market place concerning both the national and international aspect and wishes to connect all service providers (buyers & sellers) into a common e-commerce platform by exercising both online & offline method aiming to provide best facilities for exchanging services in between. Moreover, we would like to contribute in making digital Bangladesh by making a cashless community especially through establishing the Mobile/Digital Financial Services (MFS/DFS) with the schedule bank/banks nationwide.

In APON EMART PUBLIC LIMITED, We would like to create entrepreneurships for the young educated males & females as well as wish to produce a direct work opportunity for a huge number of unemployed populations of the nation.

Finally, We APON EMART PUBLIC LIMITED, firmly believe that it will be possible for you and all of us to reach the desired goal by playing a timely and active role from our own position to make our motherland Bangladesh a list of developed countries through understanding of the above issues.